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15th November 2008 : Home of the Giants has been nominated in two categories for The 2008 Best of the Midwest Awards, namely a Best Director nod for Rusty Gorman, and a Best Feature nomination for Home of the Giants . On Tuesday, December 2nd, the Midwest Independent Film Festival will be celebrating the finest in Midwest filmmaking as well as an exceptional year for the film festival. The Best of the Midwest Awards Gala will bring together the premier filmmaking talents in Chicago and the Midwest for one fantastic celebration. Winners are determined by our screening committee vote and the public vote. Members of the public are allowed one vote per person, so tell all your friends about it, and get everyone to vote! Remember, the more awards Home of the Giants gets, the better its chances of it finally getting a theatrical release, so this is one more way that we all can help ! To cast your vote, click on the following button:

9th October 2008 : Home of the Giants was screened at the Midwest Independant Film Festival on 7th October 2008 with director Rusty Gorman gracing the occasion with a Question and Answer Session with the audience. Haley fan, Zhar, was there, and she was gracious enough to share with us not only her enthusiastic response to the whole event, but her film review as well as an audio recording of the Qestion and Answer Session with Rusty Gorman ! Thanks Zhar ! Click on the appropriate links below to access the various feature articles related to this event.

Home of the Giants was one of our surprise favorites ... partially because going in we weren't expecting much from a high school crime thriller starring Haley Joel Osment. But we were impressed...



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