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May 9th 2007 at 7.30pm saw the first ever special prerelease screening of Home of the Giants at the Zanuck Theatre in Los Angeles . Bryan Harrison was there to review the film , and he also captured this special minute long interview with none other than Home of the Giants star, Haley Joel Osment ! This is the FIRST ever video interview given by Haley Joel Osment on his role in Home of the Giants to appear any where on the internet and was officially released on 18th May 2007 .


Bryan Harrison says : This is my transcription of my too short interview with Haley (This was an informal gathering and I did not like taking Haley from his friends and family. So, even though he may have been willing to talk further, I decided to cut it short.)

Bryan: Mr. Haley Osment! Excellent program! Can you say a couple of words about … this character as compared to others? Not to be too pretentious or serious [meaning my question] but…

Haley: The … relationship between Matt and Gar, in this film, is really what drives the plot; these two guys who … in one way keep each other in line and in another way sort of provide some sort of release from the rest … the other portions of their life, I guess.

Bryan: Yea.

Haley: Uh… what Ryan and I did in this film… I mean, we had a lot of fun and I think that comes off on the screen.

Bryan: Definitely! Yes.

Haley: Really, I just think it’s important how much we rely on each other. I mean… Gar has to learn how to, sort of, parcel that reliance on… from his friend and not let it lead to one of hero worship, which happens so much [indecipherable]

Bryan: Right. Exactly. That’s one of the themes here, the hero worship…. Is [that] he [Matt] was suffering from the same thing with his brother … [the rest omitted for spoilers... ]

Haley: Right. He just gets caught up in following too much what Matt ... with what Matt says and… his [Gar’s] real arc in the story is learning how to … make more of his decisions for himself and not being caught up in what his peers are doing.

Bryan: Awesome.

Haley: I think that’s what allows his character to kind of ...advance in being more independent.

Bryan: Well, I don’t want to take you from your fun. Thanks a lot and hope to see you again.

Haley: Nice talking to you.

Bryan: All right, man. Take care of yourself.


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