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The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation held their 3rd annual Los Angeles Gala entitled "Making Magic Happen" on June 6th 2007. One of their special guests was Haley Joel Osment, who spoke to a reporter about what he felt about the Foundation, and about his support for charity. Haley also spoke about his transition from child acting to more adult roles, and about his role in Home of the Giants . We are deeply indebted to Zhar, who runs the HJO Tribute fansite for this video interview given by Haley Joel Osment.


Haley: Christopher Reeve was an incredibly important figure for this industry , and for this country . His dedication to these issues is something we all need to pick up the torch for him for . Him and his wife, the tragedy of losing them in the past couple of years...I think this event shows that there are people who are willing to take up the challenge and keep moving with all the work that they did.

Interviewer : Are you involved at all ?

Haley: I plan on being. This is my first event with this foundation, but seeing all the people here tonight and finding out more about this foundation really makes me want to be involved, because charity, you know these days it only gets more important to be involved with these issues .

Interview : Can you tell me what projects you are working on?

Haley: [laughs] Yeah , there are a couple that I can't give specifics on, that should be starting by the end of the year , but I have a film called Home of the Giants that should be going to the Festival circuits in Fall, so that should be fun.

Interviewer: [indecipherable]

Haley: It is, it is, and it was a film that was so characteristic of that sort of filmmaking, because it sort of defies genre. It's set against a backdrop of high school sports, and it's sort of a coming of age story , but really, the honesty of this story about these 2 kids and their friendship and how it's sort of augmented by, one of them has an older brother that has just got out of jail and how it starts to affect his life. It really is just a great true to life drama that has, when I read the script, has dialogue that is the most realistic that I have seen on paper for adolescents, which is tough to do in scripts.

Interviewer: Yeah, you're correct. I mean, you're getting older , it's like new projects...

Haley: Yeah, it is, the transition is really exciting. Everyone knows that the teenaged years are a tough time for acting , finding the right roles that don't get repetitive. This film was one of those roles that moved me on the right trajectory.

Interviewer: Well, thank you very much, it was nice meeting you.

Haley: Thank you.


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