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Diary of a Greensboro All Star Coach

Author : Amy Tyler , Coach and owner of the Greensboro All Star Cheerleaders

This article comprises a series of posts made to the Greensboro All Star Cheerleaders private message board during the filming of Home of the Giants .

All photographs © 2005 by Scott Bardsley and . Some photographs were taken by other parents of the Greensboro All Star Cheerleaders

This series of entries by GAC Coach Amy Tyler originally appeared in a message board used by the Greensboro All Star Cheerleaders. The entries are historically important , and give you an amazing first person view into the filming of parts of Home of the Giants. The Home of the Giants Tribute Site is indebted to GAC Coach Amy Tyler for her permission to reproduce those important messages she originally posted , right here as an archive for the film .Thank you , Amy.

Do note that there are possible SPOILERS in the posts....

12th September 2005 , 3.03am

Just wanted to let everyone know what went on today on the set!

After arriving at the gym at 11:00am with our scarfs, winter coats, and fur boots, we talked a bit and tried on outfits. There were many rules to follow, but before we left everyone had a top 3 for the day!

After arriving in Winston Salem at Carver High School with our wardrobes of "INDIANA weather attire", we took over a science room with all our stuff. It was our room for the day along with a few girls there to do a locker room scene.

Talk about waiting around!!! Our first 2-3 hours were filled with waiting, studying, chatting and yes even sleeping ~ Shelz.

Finally a call for 3! Jenna, Booker and Alex did a History Class room scene with Ryan and Hayley! Booker was right behind Ryan in the scene. Even though it only lasted about 10 seconds to shoot, it took about 3 hours to set up!

During that time our Virginia Jessica, Courtney and Lauren Deese went to film two different days of Chemistry class scenes. Courtney almost caused a fire with her burner and Haley was filming right beside her. He started laughing after they yelled cut, and Courtney was loving every minute of it laughing and chatting with him.

Meanwhile, the rest of the cheerleaders were hanging out in the room and hallway when we saw Ryan walking down the hall with the producer. I told the girls who had not yet seen him to stay calm and act normal, We were almost in the clear as they kept talking in a group and smiled as he walked by when Lauren Mosley realizes he was in a Disney movie and called him out about being a leprechaun! It was histerical!

Not long after that, Ryan decided to stop by and introduce himself and for the first time in history, 11 girls were quiet and shy. No one hardly said anything, but now, you would think Alex and Ryan had known one another forever. They chat between sets and laugh at one aother. It is so great that the main actors are so nice to the girls.

After a quick bite to eat, it was time to film the famous Locker room scenes with Alex and Boggs. They can only tell you what they had to do, because it is much better being told by them! That scene was about 1 and 1/2 hours long.

The morning before school is going to be a good scene I think, Some were on buses, some running up to hug one another, Go Tricia and Jessica! Moe and Lauren, Shelley and Jenna and yes you too Kathy, looked so good doing that scene over and over walking up to the school.

Now about 9:30 pm we were told to get ready for our next hallway scene after the game, with Matt and GAR. (Ryan and Haley) I told you not to really push him! HA HA HA HA. One of the directors told them to walk up really excited after the game and kinda push GAR ( Haley) out of the way...... well don't you know it, they did their job, they pushed him physically. So after a loud CUT, they said to not physically touch him, but exclude him when surrounding Matt. It is going to be a cute scene. Jenna and Shelley - GO ANTS ! You two were cracking me up back there with your ant signs across your foreheads.

Thankfully that was our last scene and we could change for the final time today! It was only 1:15 AM!!!!!!! Yes, in the morning.

So needless to say, everyone was tired, hungry and ready for home and we loaded all our suitcases of clothes and headed out of "INDIANA" and back to Greensboro!

Tomorrow night and Tuesday is filming again after school and I will post back with an update after Tuesday.

Hope this helps for all those who want to know more information about the movie and how it is going.

Thank you so much Giant girls! You did a fantastic job representing Greensboro Allstars and I thank you for being such respectful athletes. Everyone was so impressed by you and you know of course I was!


13th September, 4am

Sorry to say, but I will have to get some rest before I post all that went on tonight. I just got home and yes it is 4:00am !!! Giant moms dont hate me, hate the producers!

Gotta hit the sack, my eyes are red and I really need some sleep. Boggs, I think my eyes might look worse than yours tomorrow.

Look for an update this afternoon.

I love you all bunches,


14th September 2005, 3.36am

So here goes for all the emails I have been receiving dying to know more....

Monday Night - Giant Cheerleaders show up at 7:30pm for the actual first scene in the movie. "A hangout" where everyone goes to, after the Basketball games. After being dressed in winter clothes,and yes waiting around, we are told to go to wardrobe. With bookbags, bags of clothes and winter coats, vans shuttle us back up to the Wendy's for our first scene of the night. The parking lot was bright enough to film a day scene. That is how many lights were on!

The Bardley's are there with their camera and snapping shots soon to be on the website. Haley and Ryan come over and hang out with the girls a bit, that picture is gonna be so cute~ After that, it was time to get the show started!

Eavan Bardsley's brother gets an extra's part in which he hangs out the window of a van through a crowded parking lot scene. Also, we have about 10 Gold girls there mingling in the crowded parking lot as well. Ronnie I love you sitting on the window seal and waving, telling people to call you with your hand!!! I was cracking up! Everyone is acting excited about winning the game, Booker meets her new beau, crosses the line of traffic and slow dances. Katie and Bogss are in the back of a pickup truck hugging everyone that comes by, Moe and Jessica are running out of the Wendy's, Courtney and Jenna run by the car that Gar and MAtt are in beating on the black glass, it was suppose to be no noise, but Courtney trips and yells ouch, when she trips on the curb. Of course she starts laughing, but the scene was filmed at least 20 times, so hopefully that will not be the one they use... ha ha

During break set up for the next scene, the girls stunt in the parking lot for entertainment, the producer Dan and Ryan himself pull Stephanie aside for a big question. Too much to explain, you will just have to see the movie!!!

2nd Scene, inside and out Wendy's , some are mixing and mingling, eating dinner and still excited about the game. Ryan and Gar are driving by while some of our girls are outside the front door talking. Something this small took about 2 hours to set up and film!

Last two scenes of the night were more inside and out with some great shots of Giant cheerleaders running by the car, walking with their Beau, chatting etc.... this one is kinda hard to describe.

The night ended at 3:15am!!! Tired girls and tired me....The movie business is much tougher than it seems. Just come out to the set and watch a bit, as Katie says she will start to pay more attention to extra's in movies, because they work hard too!!!!

So there it is, Night 2 on the set of Home of the Giants!

I love you and will follow with movie updates, only if you keep asking... whew.... okay so I am pooped and need a nap. Haven't slept yet....


19th September 2.15pm

How awesome you all looked on Saturday and Sunday! It was so weird watching you all across the court in different colors, cheering on different teams. Your chants, cheers, jumps, tumbling, stunts. etc... looked great!

Thank you so much for giving up your weekend. Everyone that passed me that works on the set complimented you guys like crazy. You looked good on Saturday out there in the middle of the court showing off a bit during setup for another scene. The crowd I know appreciated a little action!!!

I cant wait to see this whole thing put together.

EAGLES - Thanks for working it out, you were giving the GIANTs a run for the money in excitement and crowd appeal. GIANTS rest up this week, you have worked so hard and sooooo many long hours. After Sunday your total hours worked are 60 for most of you!!! WOW - that is dedication! Remember your team plays the DEVILS this weekend and I think they are gonna come out looking strong too ... tee hee. I will let both DEVILS and GIANTS know the schedule asap. All I know right now is that it is FRI, SAT and SUNDAY, all day! Friday you may get a few classes in, I hope you can go all day to school, but be prepared with your work if you can not.



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