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Home of the Giants - An Awesome Experience!

Author : Andrew Donovan

Pictures © 2007 and are courtesy of Andrew Donovan


An original article for the Home of the Giants Tribute Site first published 16th January 2007

Home of the Giants was an awesome experience for me! I’m a local actor in Greensboro NC and I got a part as the Mascot in the final game of the movie.

Things were changed around though because I went in thinking I was going to be the mascot for the Devils and they told me that they didn’t like the costumes so me and the other guy were supposed to be more like male cheerleaders then mascots.

Then 5 minutes before they started shooting that day they said the Giants guy didn’t show and they switched me to their side!

This is definitely what I enjoy doing and for my first movie credit it was a great experience because I actually got to hang out with the cast because I was getting paid!

I got a chance to meet and talk to everybody and they all seemed pretty cool. We're all around the same age range so it wasn't very surprising that we got along. Everyone would all shoot hoops during our breaks and it didn't seem like any of the actors were stuck up or trying to avoid anyone. They seemed to like my back flips cause everyone wanted to me to keep doing them. Everyone was really cool and I love to work with all them again but I'd say that Ken Mitchell was the most out going, he seemed to like talking to people and was more then happy to take pictures with them.

Haley was cool with everybody. There actually were times when everyone would be playing ball and his dad would call him over so he would work on his lines and stuff I guess but it just goes to show you that he's a real guy and he just wants to have fun and cut up just like everybody else. He was pretty good. We all played Knockout (Two players shoot at the same time and first one to make it stays in the other is knocked out until one player is left) and he was usually one of the last players knocked out. It was easy to see this cause I was always one of the first out. B-Ball's not my sport. I did get to talk to him and he seemed pretty cool. He told me he thought my flips were cool but that was about it. Nothing big.

The production company said that they were giving away a speaking role which they voted to give to me at the Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum ( thatís where they shot the final game in Winston-Salem ) but due to the fact that there wasn’t enough time they never got to shoot it. I would have loved to earn the SAG eligibility but I’m not disappointed because I still had a great time doing it and hopefully this won’t be the last movie I’m in !

Andrew Donovan


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