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This was the first concept poster that appeared on the official SymPics website for Home of the Giants . The quote below the hoop is "A town obsessed with hoops and heroes" ("Hoops" being the slang term for the game of basketball). This poster has since been removed from the SymPics website. The artwork was designed months before the film began production.

We can confirm that this poster was NEVER printed at full theatrical poster size nor was it ever displayed in any theatre lobby , inspite of some rumours of it having been displayed in some theatres in Greensboro . At best, a small number in flyer size may have been printed and circulated internally within SymPics itself , but certainly never circulated or displayed in public .

On 10th September 2006, something interesting was discovered by fan Ryanne which appeared to be an Advance Poster for Home of the Giants . Apparently designed by BE design of L.A. , this poster featured a basketball hoop complete with handcuffs linked to form a basketball net. The poster slogan says " How do you separate your friends from your heroes ".

While extremely intriguing, and featuring a unique edgy design , this has at the time of writing not been approved by SymPics International, Inc . One major problem with it is that the handcuffs do not reflect the theme of the story itself.

A week before the above concept poster appeared on the internet , Conquistador Worldwide Media launched a section for Home of the Giants on their website , featuring some production stills from the film as well as the original concept poster done inhouse at SymPics International , Inc. Inexplicably, this poster was replaced by another one, with reworked main fonts as well as some minimal change in the design of the basketball . This new reworked poster was also one not officially sanctioned by SymPics International, Inc.

Original In-house Concept Poster by SymPics
Reworked Poster by Conquistador

This reworked "basketball" poster by Conquistador did not appear for long on the Conquistador website, because it was replaced from 29th September by the "Hoops and Handcuffs" poster designed by BE Design of LA . However, on 4th October 2006, this "Hoops and Handcuffs" poster was again withdrawn as yet another concept poster appeared on the Conquistador website.

Yet another prototype poster , there are a few things about it which may not get it approved in its present incarnation.

Firstly, Danielle Panabaker is not listed on the poster. The final poster needs to have Haley Joel Osment listed as its main or "big name" star, and must also list Ryan Merriman and Danielle Panabaker .

Secondly, SymPics is not correctly listed (The final poster will need to list the full company name , Sympics International, Inc ).

Finally, the uniform is the wrong color and certainly not the one used by the Giants in the film , although this was obviously changed in the name of artistic licence, to provide a light-coloured background for the basketball in the foreground.

The slogan in this poster now read "The most important choices are the ones we're afraid to make ".

May 9th 2007 was a significant date, because Home of the Giants was screened in Chicago for an audience of over 300. For this special occasion, talented artist Jerald Stuart was tasked to create a beautiful new concept poster which was printed and displayed in the lobby of the Zanuck Theatre in Fox Studios.

Home of the Giants auteur Rusty Gorman ( right ) with actor Ryan Merriman

It was not till a full year later, in June 2008, when Conquistador Worldwide Media would bow out to be replaced by American World Pictures , that we would see a fresh take in the marketing strategy of the film, and a brand new, grittier looking poster, featuring the new main actors, Haley Joel OSment, Ryan Merriman and Danielle Panabaker, a brand new logo, and a new slogan " When everything is one the line ... what choice will you make ? ".

American World Pictures, with their considerable portfolio and experience in marketing edgy pictures successfully, seems to be doing everything right since they've taken over, and time will bring exciting news as we trace the evolution of the poster art of Home of the Giants.



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