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The Home of the Giants Tribute Site is excited to announce our very first contest , and it's a really simple one !

Which of the 3 is your favourite Haley picture from
Home of the Giants?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

We hope that you have been enjoying the production stills and behind the scenes pictures that we have been releasing the past few weeks . Well , as you can see, we've chosen just 3 of those pictures for our first contest , featuring Haley ( don't worry, fans of Ryan Merriman and Danielle Panabaker .... we are trying to obtain permission to run contests featuring your favourite actors soon ! ) and all you have to do is to VOTE for your favourite Haley picture among the 3, and tell us why you chose that picture and what you liked about it ! That's all there is to it !

What do I stand to win ?

What do you stand to win ? Well, EVERY ONE who votes for a picture and tells us why will receive via email a 600 by 398 pixel version of the picture you voted for, that's DOUBLE the size of the picture that has been released by SymPics so far. As you know, the pictures on the SymPics official HotG website have only been released in the 289 by 192 pixel size , so if you vote, you will automatically receive a version that is double the size of your favourite picture for you to enjoy ! There are no plans at the moment to release any of these 3 pictures in a size larger than 289 by 192 pixels , so here is a great opportunity for you to get a bigger version of your favourite picture ! The 600 by 398 pixel version of the picture you voted for will be emailed to you at contest's end.

That's not all ! When the contest closes in 2 weeks on Sunday 7th May 2006 at 11.59pm Pacific Time (California time) , the fan with the BEST post will win ALL 3 pictures at the highest resolution of 1280 by 849 pixels , to be sent via email. ONLY ONE fan will win this set of 3 pictures , and the pictures will be customised with the fan's name . Imagine being able to use any of those pictures as your computer desktop wallpaper if you set your computer at the highest resolution , and that fan will be the ONLY ONE in the world to have those pictures at that resolution ( besides SymPics , of course ) Talk about an exclusive prize !

So, how do I enter the contest ?

1. First, if you haven't already done so , REGISTER at the Home of the Giants Forum .

2. Secondly, VOTE for your favourite picture in our contest poll .

3. Thirdly , POST your reason for picking that particular picture .

That's it ! 3 very simple steps, and you will receive a 600 by 398 pixel version of your favourite picture via email. AND watch for our announcement at the end of our contest of our grand prize winner of all 3 pictures at the high resolution of 1280 by 849 pixels !

Terms and Conditions of the Contest

1. Only ONE vote/post is allowed per person.

2. Your email address must be correct at the time of registration on the forum, as it is our only way of contacting you .

3. The judges' decision is final .

4. Should you be the grand prize winner of the high resolution pictures of all 3 images, you must reveal your full name as this will be added to the high resolution pictures that will be emailed to you.

5. The copyright of the pictures being emailed to you remains with SymPics International, Inc . You are free to enjoy the pictures sent to you as you please, but they are NOT to be used for commercial purposes.

6. By entering this contest, you are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions of this contest.



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