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These rare Production Stills and Behind the Scene pictures from Home of the Giants , offered us the first tantalising glimpses of the film . They are no longer available at the SymPics International website , but we are fortunate to have been able to archive them here. These really were the very first images from Home of the Giants that were first released in October 2005.

Haley Joel Osment in a scene from Home of the Giants




Ryan Merriman takes a moment's break on the basketball court

Danielle Panabaker looking pensive






Haley and Ryan in a scene together

Kenneth Mitchell in between takes






Haley being .... well, Haley . Check out the Trivia section.

Danielle Panabaker and Haley Joel Osment pose for the cameras
From left to right, Kenneth Mitchell, Haley Joel Osment, Dick Vitale, ESPN Basketball Commentator.... playing one of the game commentators in the film ,
Charles Grimes.... Producer for "Home of the Giants" , Libby Grimes.... Executive Producer for "Home of the Giants" and Danielle Panabaker
Director Rusty Gorman (right) with Danielle Panabaker

Production Stills and Behind the Scenes Pictures ( According to Day of Filming )

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