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United 93  


Heat: How to Stop the Planet from Burning
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Laughter in the Dark
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by Vladimir Nabokov


House of Leaves
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Exclusive Interview with Haley Joel Osment : Part 3

Interviewed by Daniel Chia . Researched by Fair and Daniel Chia

Haley, you mentioned very early in the interview that you have two film projects scheduled for later this year. Is there anything that you can tell us about them?

Haley : Unfortunately, I really wish I could, especially to you guys who have been so instrumental in supporting the projects before they come out, but unfortunately sometimes the way the business works is you've got to keep your mouth shut. Actors in the business sense are sometimes the last people allowed to release information about it. [laughs] So I look forward to letting you know about it soon, and talking to you about it as soon as the ball gets rolling.


We respect you for that. Do you have anything else currently in development that might possibly be on the horizon?

Haley : There is, but the same goes for this, basically until the camera turns on, I've got to keep it a secret. [laughs]


We're just glad to hear that there is, because it was such a long wait between Secondhand Lions and Home of the Giants, so to hear that you have so many potential projects lined up is fantastic! Well, this interview would not be complete without talking about your sister, Emily, whom you mentioned earlier in the interview. She's now really in the media eye, because of the overwhelming popularity of the "Hannah Montana" series.

Haley : Right.


How do you feel, as her big brother, being able to step to the side and provide your support to her as this amazing success of hers continues to unfold?

Haley : I'm really proud of her, and I think she has a lot in common with me as I was growing up, and the fact that she is very fascinated by the Arts, and by the performance arts, and by the exploration of the human experience. In that sense it's really a tribute to what an amazing inspiration my dad was, in taking me and my sister who, from a very early age, demonstrated our desire to work in the Arts, as much as a kid wants to learn the violin. At 5 or 6 years old, my sister wanted to learn how to portray the human experience. It's something I'm studying at college, and it's something I see me and my sister being a part of for the rest of our lives. She's brought a lot of fun and entertainment to kids across the country in a time when kids are in many ways underrepresented in the entertainment industry, and I think that her sense of comic timing is, [laughs] as we were talking about earlier, just growing enormously. She is a very funny and talented person, and I am really proud of her.


Are you able to give us a list of five lesser known films that you have really enjoyed as a movie goer?

Haley : Being an actor, it's very, very important to get out and sit in a movie theatre as well as be up on the big screen. I think these last few years have just been really heartening for those who are in the industry to see the diverse group of films that have come out of Hollywood and the rest of the world. Specifically, in 2006, I think you saw the amazing potential of Mexican filmmakers right now. I think they really stole the show in 2006 with Babel, and Pan's Labyrinth, and probably my favorite film of last year, Children of Men from Alfonso Cuarón.

I think that Mexican filmmakers just sort of blew the roof off the house last year. That triumvirate of films, to directors who are very close personally, sort of showed us that we have a lot to expect from that country and their filmmakers in the future.

What else did I see …. Oh the film United 93 last year I would definitely cite as an incredibly humane and just tactful representation of one of the most tragic and sensitive moments in American history in recent decades. Just the way that that film just made a record of what happened, as a tribute to all the brave people that were involved in that event, I think it's a film that will be remembered very fondly in future years, as difficult as it may be to watch that film, because of how close it hits to home.


Are you able to name us a few books that you have recently read that you've really enjoyed?

Haley : I've been getting a little bit heavy into nonfiction recently just because of my interest in current events globally. The book "Heat: How to Stop the Planet from Burning" by George Monbiot is a really rare example of practical analysis of the climate change crisis, which is now finally being universally acknowledged as something that we have to pay attention to. That issue, along with pretty much any other issue that you can name, is overly dealt with in a very partisan, political way and Monbiot deals with it with just a sense of practicality. Now we can not just set limits on ourselves, and admonish ourselves for past wrongs, but how we can improve society by generally making our relationship with the earth a little more healthy. It's just a great book. It's a lot of science and a lot of procedure, but I think it's important for people to start thinking practically about the consequences that we are going to face as we get into the 21st Century, which is going to be full of surprises! [laughs]


It sure looks that way.

Haley : Yeah…


Do you have any other books that have meant something to you?

Haley : I'm trying to think of fiction… I've gotten really into Nabokov in the past year. This book, "Laughter in the Dark" that he wrote, I believe, before "Lolita", is just a terrific book. It's an example of a book where I've read it many times in the past year, just because the talent of the man to write it in Russian, and to pen the English translation of it, and to have this constant sense of you knowing exactly what is going on, in the instances that he is portraying with him saying things as simply and plainly as you can. He is just a peerless writer across many languages. He's a terrific writer.

Also, I would say the book "House of Leaves" by Mark Z. Danielewski, I think that was a recent release… 2000…2001… that book is just an example of how, in the modern age, the potential of using so many different themes and methods of representation to communicate a large idea, is just really a terrific read.


Your choice of music is quite diverse as well, you are obviously a great fan of music, can you list five CDs that you have really enjoyed?

Haley : Whoo! I'm going to have to get my ipod for you! [laughs] We were talking about genre earlier, and how I really have a hope that films are going to transcend genres more and more as the years go by. That film, Children of Men, I loved so much, I purposely tried not to research a lot about it before I went and saw it, because that film was constantly full of surprise and nuance throughout that film, and I think that's what you can expect from music these days. Most people listening to music have mp3 players full of thousands of different bands and many, many different genres. I think that the way Art has to progress these days is by addressing people's very diverse needs…people's palates are expanding when it comes to Art. So in that sense, I am really going to try and think of five best, diverse selections that I have heard this year [laughs]…

My friend runs a radio station some nights in Princeton, and he's been a big influence for me in getting into some of the types of music I haven't listened to so much before. I've gotten into some HipHop artistes who have really expanded my horizons in terms of the type of music that I like. There's a California based producer named Madlib, who's worked with MF Doom and some other artistes and have done some just groundbreaking material. He and some of the other artistes who work on the Stone's Throw label, Peanut Butter Wolf and some other guys are just really exciting to follow. You know, music is getting so complex with what the Internet has offered, with the sharing of files and everything that you can do these days, it's truly exciting to see some of these artistes get played that they may not have been able to have ten years ago.

Man, I'm close to putting down the phone and grabbing my iPod before I give you a list of something [laughs]. Do you mind if I actually go into the other room and get my iPod? I'll be right back [laughs]…


Sure, sure … no problem

[Haley puts down the phone and leaves the room for 2 minutes...]

Haley : Ok , I have my iPod … all right … one album that came out really recently that I would overwhelmingly recommend to everybody is one of the artistes from Animal Collective, Panda Bear, who did "Person Pitch", which is just a type of music that is impossible to describe. Very interesting stuff.

I've really gotten into the band Tortoise, and some of their members have worked in the group, The Sea and Cake, out of Chicago, which is some really interesting stuff.

Going up…I've never cycled through my iPod during an interview before... [laughs]

The band Deerhunter is very out there, but they have this way with the noise rock that really just has to be heard. Their album Cryptograms is captivating.

Some older stuff that I've gotten into… I've gotten into the band Can, from the 70s, recently. The album "Tago Mago", especially, is brilliant… [scrolls through his iPod again…] Yeah…sorry to make you wait, this is a recent college passion for me and I have to give it … [laughs]


I understand that you play and sing as well.

Haley : I do. As my interest in the Arts has diversified, it's something that I really just…if not for professional use, it's just something for my own personal enjoyment. I'm learning several instruments right now. I'm working on drums and keyboards, and I've played guitar and bass for a couple of years now. This sort of music that I've gotten into is stuff that transcends the traditional idea of the band with guitar and the bassist and percussionist, and gets into some of these artistes like Animal Collective and their members who transcend the traditional roles of the band. Oh the hip-hop group, People Under The Stairs, are sort of from my city, so I'll give them some attention as well. [laughs]

Well, Haley, thank you so much. I am indebted to you for this.

Haley : Thank you, Daniel. It's been really nice talking to you.


Thank you so much for having visited all the Tribute sites. It really means a lot to me.

Haley : Thank you, you've really worked very hard on them, and I appreciate it.


It's just a way of thanking you for all the work that you have done, to tell you how much you are appreciated, and we will keep supporting you as you carry on your career. I am heartened to know that you intend to keep working into your 90s.

Haley : [laughs]


And thank your parents for me.

Haley : I will, thanks!


I hope to talk to you again one day.

Haley: Absolutely! Oh and Daniel, in the music section, Radiohead is still my favorite band. I can't go into an interview without reminding myself of that [laughs]. Well, thank you so much, Daniel, it's been great talking to you. I'm sure we'll talk again in the future.


And we look forward to seeing Home of the Giants on big screen.

Haley : Thank you. I'm looking forward to it too!


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