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Rich, varied, suspenseful, touching, funny, exciting -- what more can one ask?
“Home Of The Giants”

By JimB-4 from Hollywood, California

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I saw this movie with no idea whatsoever about it, and I discovered that it was a great many things. It's a terrific date movie, for guys and girls, but it's much more than that. Don't be fooled by the basketball stuff -- it's not a sports movie, per se, though it certainly is the most fun I've ever had at a movie about basketball.

It's a very suspenseful -- I mean Extremely Suspenseful -- story that doesn't resort to cheap effects or unrealistic behavior to get its suspense across. Yet it's also a very funny film in lots of ways, showcasing in very realistic manner how high school kids act and goof with one another. There's a quite moving depiction of friendship and of loyalty, and very disturbing elements of family dysfunction. All in all this movie tries to be many things, and while often that's a bad sign, in this case it's a wonderful sign, because it succeeds quite splendidly in every aspect.

The performances are wonderful. Haley Joel Osment, still the best actor of his generation that I've ever seen, is quietly affecting in the less showy of the two lead roles, and he has mastered the art only great actors master, the conveyance of thought without indication or showiness. Ryan Merriman, in the flashy role, is quite up to it, with real pizazz, the kind that comes from within and makes one believe that people would truly flock to this kid, just the way the story needs. And Rusty Gorman's script and direction are just terrific. He has an eye for detail, the subtle by-play of friends that lets us know they have a history, the glance or the tic that shows years of family dysfunction without anyone having to explain it all. And Gorman doesn't ever cheat. Most suspenseful films these days leave me with several moments of "Oh, come on now, they'd have never done that!" or "Oh, yeah, right!"

A highly unusual situation lies at the heart of this film, yet never once did I think that something like this couldn't have happened the way it did. A terrific movie, quite highly recommended.

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A wonderfully layered script brought to life by an excellent emsemble Rich, varied, suspenseful, touching, funny, exciting -- what more can one ask?
The acting was superb and I cannot remember the last time I saw a movie that had so much to offer in respect to genres

Skillful, believable and genuinely suspenseful

Intense, superbly crafted thriller

'Giants' gives a new twist to Indiana basketball tale

Home of the Giants
Bottom Line: A dark-laced "Hoosiers" that scores from all over the story court.

The writing is crisp and lean, a fine blend of angst and suspense and humour

Home of the Giants : It's brilliant  

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