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Wonderful, exciting film !!!

Reviewed by starrynightproductions50

First posted 20th October 2007 at

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We just saw this at a standing-room-only showing at the Heartland Film Festival (in Indy) ... and this is a wonderful film! It deserves a big release, because THIS one has something that will grab the emotions of audiences across America!

It's so much more than anything easily labeled as one "genre" or another -- more than a "coming of age" film with rich and believable highschool characters (where the kids are real people with real problems, not just another group of MTV-inspired cardboard cliches) -- this excellent movie packs in a great mix of suspense, crime thrills, basketball "sports" excitement AND family heartache and romance!

The writing is crisp and lean, a fine blend of angst and suspense and humour; the acting is rich and totally enwraps you with these characters' trials & tribulations, their joys and fears and triumphs and losses as human beings. The three leads are wonderful, Ms. Danielle Panabaker is beautiful and grabs the eye, Ryan Merriman is excellent as the highschool sports star trapped between being a hero and a loser, and Haley Joel Osment gives a deep performance as the kid growing beyond the shadow of his hero to become the bigger hero -- a boy awaking to be a bigger man true to himself.

Don't miss seeing this movie -- you'll love it!


Be sure to read the original review

A wonderfully layered script brought to life by an excellent emsemble Rich, varied, suspenseful, touching, funny, exciting -- what more can one ask?
The acting was superb and I cannot remember the last time I saw a movie that had so much to offer in respect to genres

Skillful, believable and genuinely suspenseful

Intense, superbly crafted thriller

'Giants' gives a new twist to Indiana basketball tale

Home of the Giants
Bottom Line: A dark-laced "Hoosiers" that scores from all over the story court.

The writing is crisp and lean, a fine blend of angst and suspense and humour

Home of the Giants : It's brilliant  

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