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"Home Of The Giants"
It's brilliant....

By Zhar

Zhar was fortunate enough to attend the special screening of Home of the Giants at the Midwest Independent Film Festival on 7th October 2008 . She shares her review of Home of the Giants with us.

Seeing a film without waiting is not as exciting as seeing a film after waiting for two long years. The more I wait and hear about it, the more I get curious and excited at every possible screening I could go to. I tried to grab every chance I get to see “Home of The Giants” but no luck until last night October 7, 2008 at the Midwest Independent Film Festival.

“Home of The Giants” a film that captured my attention the moment I heard about it. Comedy, thriller, sports, family, drama and a bit love story captured in 104 minutes. It’s brilliant. The movie tackled so many things from friendship, family and love. In short, the movie shows a real story of real people in the real world.

The film is about Gar (Haley Joel Osment), a highschol journalists and his bestfriend Matt (Ryan Merriman), the school’s basketball star. Everything was running smoothly for Matt until he got involved with a drug dealer. Gar, being his bestfriend gets caught in the middle of the situation.

The main thing I always notice in a film is the acting and the chemistry of the actors. For this film, one word… “Amazing” Honestly it exceeded my expectation of the film.

Haley Joel Osment never fails to bring out a “wow” from me. He is still the same Haley Joel Osment with jaw-dropping acting abilities that made me love him as an actor and love movies as well. The only difference is that he is now an adult actor. The world needs to see Home of The Giants. Haley Joel Osment is not just the “I see dead people” kid… he is “Haley Joel Osment… a great and respectable actor”

Way back in 2001, I have seen the movie “Luck of the Irish” and wow, the lead actor was awesome and I have to say, cute. Then in 2006 I was forced to see “Final Destination 3” in the theaters. I hated the film due to the deaths but I loved the character Kevin Fischer. The actor who played that part and the lead role in “Luck of the Irish” is Ryan Merriman. I saw him in a film him for the third time in “Home of The Giants” and boy! he is one actor to look out for. Seeing him in HOTG makes me want to see all of his movies. Fine actor with great acting skills.

The chemistry of the actors is just amazing. I could never imagine any other actor to be playing the parts of Gar, Matt and Bridgette. The music is very good; it fits the scene very well.

The story is very well written, I love the whole concept of the film. It shows a different side of the teen age life… very different from the typical movies about teens. I love the humor! I didn’t know that this film could make me laugh; at first I thought it was all serious but hey! I was wrong. Props to writer and director Mr. Rusty Gorman, it was such an honor meeting him personally.

It has been a while since the last time I added a DVD in my HJO movie collection which I have to say, has been eating dust for some time now, I think I have to clean them all up and make a space ready for a new DVD. I can’t wait to have a DVD of “Home of The Giants” I just hope I will not have to wait for years.

Four thumbs up for this movie! (including the thumbs of my feet!) Watch the film if you get the chance!


A wonderfully layered script brought to life by an excellent emsemble Rich, varied, suspenseful, touching, funny, exciting -- what more can one ask?
The acting was superb and I cannot remember the last time I saw a movie that had so much to offer in respect to genres

Skillful, believable and genuinely suspenseful

Intense, superbly crafted thriller

'Giants' gives a new twist to Indiana basketball tale

Home of the Giants
Bottom Line: A dark-laced "Hoosiers" that scores from all over the story court.

The writing is crisp and lean, a fine blend of angst and suspense and humour

Home of the Giants : It's brilliant  

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