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Home of the Giants is produced by SymPics International, Inc.

Fast emerging as an international leader in film and television entertainment, SymPics boasts full-featured production studios, world-class writing, acclaimed producers, and award-winning actors from the stage and screen. Adhering to this principle , the casting of Haley Joel Osment in Home of the Giants is an inspired move.

The SymPics Standard is to create and produce compelling motion pictures featuring quality writing, superb acting, stunning visual effects, and breath-taking cinematography. With costs on the rise throughout the industry, SymPics has made it their primary goal to stay "cost conscious" without any sacrific to movie quality. With strict attention to production details, movie craftsmanship, and sensible budgets, SymPics has created a new standard in the movie production process.

SymPics, dedicated to quality, compelling movie productions, will surely ensure that Home of the Giants will be an important film , with a strong story line and superb ensemble acting, led by the oscar nominated Haley Joel Osment. Knowing Haley's own personal commitment to adding classic , inspiring projects to his filmography, his involvement in Home of the Giants is a strong endorsement of the philosophy of quality movie-making that SymPics International, Inc adheres to.

Rusty Gorman (right) with Danielle Panabaker

Director Rusty Gorman, right, talks with actor Haley Joel Osment, second right, about an upcoming scene as actor Ryan Merriman and Julia Tasker, script supervisor, left, wait for the scene to change locations Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2005, during filming for the movie "Home of the Giants" in Greensboro, N.C. (Photo: AP /News & Record, Lynn Hey)


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