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This amazing behind-the-scenes photograph of Haley Joel Osment signing autographs for his fans in the few moments he has in between shoots caused quite a stir when it was published.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Well, this picture could not be a better example of that truth. In spite of his success as an actor and the accolades he has garnered for his incredible filmography since he was just a young boy, Haley remains amazingly down to earth and well-grounded.

With absolutely no airs or arrogance, Haley kneels on the ground so as to better be able to autograph the many items being thrust to him by his myriad fans, signing as many as he possibly can in the few precious moments that he can squeeze in... giving back as much as he can, as one of his faithful fans observed. What an amazing person Haley is....

Principal photography for Home of the Giants began September 6, 2005.

Last principal photography was on October 9, 2005 .

The Official Runtime for Home of the Giants is 104 minutes , confirmed by director Rusty Gorman and editor Dan Schalk.

ASPECT RATIO : Director Rusty Gorman chose to film Home of the Giants in an aspect ratio of 1.85:1 ( instead of 2.33 :1 which is also called wide-screen ) because basketball is a vertical game and he did not want to stretch the frame too far horizontally.

A rough cut TRAILER for Home of the Giants made its debut in 11th February 2006 in theatres in Greensboro , shown in conjunction with screenings of SymPics International's film , " National Lampoon's Pucked" , which premiered on Friday night 10th February 2006 at The Grande in Greensboro. This rough cut trailer was meant to be shown in Greensboro only , where filming of the movie took place. It has since found its way to the internet.

Post production on Home of the Giants officially completed on 4th May 2007

The FIRST prerelease screening of Home of the Giants was held on 9th May 2007 in Los Angeles for a full house of 300 VIPs and fans, the first time that the completed film was shown to a test audience. The response to it was overwhelmingly positive.

The SECOND prerelease screening of Home of the Giants was held in Chicago last Thursday 12th July 2007 before a private audience, the occasion graced by director Rusty Gorman, Haley Joel Osment, Ryan Merriman and his mother Nona Merriman.

FESTIVAL ROUNDS : Home of the Giants was screened 3 times at the Chicago International Film Festival 2007 and 6 times at the Heartland Film Festival 2007, both held in October 2007


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Did you know ?

Flaming Lips lead singer Wayne Coyne was on the Home of the Giants set on Day 19 of principal photography , and is credited in a role as a Barfly . Here's a great picture of Wayne Coyne with Haley and another crew member ( on Wayne's left )

There were scenes that were shot during principal filming with Haley and Wayne Coyne , who even has a few lines of dialogue in the film . Of course,it still remains to be seen whether or not these scenes end up in the final cut of the film, or on the editing room floor , but nonetheless, it was an interesting cameo for this North American musician. You can read more about Wayne Coyne and his band, the Flaming Lips at the official Flaming Lips Website .

Here's a picture of Wayne Coyne and the rest of the Flaming Lips ....

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